Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wish You All Happy New Year 2014 !

We would like to thank all our readers and supporters in Nepal and abroad for their support, comments and feedback during last year.We wish to have more support, comment and constructive feedback during 2014 enabling us to implement some of our flagship programs on Astronomy & Space Science in Nepal!

Lets work for the another progressing year for astronomy and space science outreach, education and research in Nepal! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!


  1. We at View Your Choice would also like to wish all at Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO)

    1. Thanks VYC team :) Wish you too a happy new year 2014! We are looking forward to more collaboration with you in 2014!

  2. Thanks for sharing a great website with us. And thanks for wishing us New Year. May God will move you towards success. So wish you also a very very Happy New Year 2015

  3. Nice post thnx for it.It really good ,Happy new year