Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Project Terranaut is Live for Nepal now!

Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) in association with Terraztra Space Exploration is pleased to announce Project Terranaut, a global outreach initiative providing an opportunity to 14 people to train like a Yuri Gagarin in Russia and one of the best performer to go to Edge of the Space for free, in Nepal! The pre-registration is now available at www.terraztra.space and will remain open till July 31, 2017 and free to all Nepalese.  

We signed an MoU with Terraztra Space Exploration to select top three scorers from Nepal to be trained like a cosmonaut in Russia during FIFA World Cup 2018. The training program will be of 10-25 days. Details will be available after the final selection.

How to participate in the program?
·         Pre-register at www.terraztra.space by july 31, 2017
·         Download Mobile App that wil be released on October 4, 2017 and participate in the different contest available!
·         Top three scorers will be selected to participate in the astronaut training in Russia during FIFA World Cup 2018

Who are eligible?
·         Anyone who are between 18-65 years of age
·         Must be a Nepali citizen

Among the fourteen selected participants, one will be choosen to fly to the 'Edge of Space'.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Today, we had an opportunity to attend an information session about the 'XIX World Festival of Youth and Students2017' which will be held in Sochi, Russia during October 14-22, 2017. The organizers are expecting  to bring more than 20,000 of young people from 150 countries around the world making it the  largest event in the field of international youth cooperation. The National Preparatory Committee- Nepal members shared that they are planning to take 250 youths while Ministry of Youth and Sports, Government of Nepal will have 30 members national delegation under the leadership of Minister of Youth and sports to the festival this year.

Photo: Group photo with the Government and RCSC officials after the meeting [From left: Ms. Manisha Dwa, project coordinator at NASO, Mr. Anton Maslov, deputy director at RCSC-Kathmandu, Mr. Suresh Bhattarai, chairman-NASO, Mr. Stanislav Simakov, director at RCSC-Kathmandu and Mr. Mahendra Paudel, under-secretary at Ministry of Youth & Sports, Government of Nepal]
Russian Center of Science and Culture- Kathmandu (RCSC-Kathmandu) organised the information session in order to spread the information regarding the festival among more nepalese youths. Repreentatives from the National Preparatry Committee-Nepal and Ministry of Youth and Sports, Government of Nepal answered questions from the audience related to the festival. They shared that the registration was opened in September 2016, and representatives of more than 120 countries have already registered for the event!

The deadline for the registration is 10th June 2017
Click here to register now!

RCSC-Kathmandu highlighted that Russia has always payed great attention to the creation of conditions for the development of the young generation and supports youth and student movements. And this festival will create a new history for such achievement. In the entire history of the festival, the country already opened the doors twice to its participants - in 1957 and 1985. 

World Youth Festival will unite the community of young leaders in various fields - representatives of NGOs, youth, who achieved success in science, art, sports, pedagogy, IT, politics, and best representatives of the student community, compatriots and foreigners who are interested in Russian culture. Cultural dialog, economics, globalization, politics, and international security, are among the themes of the festival. 

Who can apply for the festival?
Anyone who have the see him/herself fits with the below criteria are eligible to apply for the festival.
  • Have an active life position 
  • Are from 18 to 35 years 
  • Have your own favorite practice 
  • Respect the interest of your country 
  • Consider yourself as the part of the global community 
And belong to the one of the categories: 
  • Leaders of the youth NGOs 
  • Young journalists 
  • Creative, artistic young people (musicians, writers, artists, directors, etc.) 
  • Leaders of sports club 
  • Young engineers 
  • Leaders of youth organization of political parties 
  • Young university teachers 
  • Leaders of student government 
  • Young scientists ( social, humanitarian, economic, natural and technical sciences) 
  • Young entrepreneurs 
  • Compatriots 
  • Young foreigners who study Russian language and are interested in Russian culture 

How to apply from Nepal?
  • Click here to fill up the application for participation (*Please fill in all the fields correctly!
  • After the registration, send your Full Name, Date of Birth/Age, Hobby and Professional Interests:Culture & History/Ecomony/Politics/International Security/ealth: addressing HIV/AIDS, Maleria/ Sports/Education Science/ IT/ Art Creativity/Journalism, Media to ruscult@subisu.net.np
  • Your application will be sent to National Preparatory Committee of Nepal
  • You will be invited to participate according to the results of the selection of the applications
Why you should participate?

You  should participate to experience: 
  • Visa-free entry
  • Meals, hotel accommodations, access to all educational, cultural and sports fields at  the expense of the host country
  • A unique educational and discussion program with the participation of the world-class professionals 
  • Real applied skills in master classes and creative workshops 
  • Complexity of Russian culture: ballet, ice show, film festival, jazz festival, circus program 
  • Life-style program: street dances, healthy lifestyle, jogging, hitting a qualifying standards of the "Ready to Work and Defense", extreme park, musical subcultures 
  • Acquaintance with like-minded people and colleagues from 150 countries 
  • Participation in a grand international youth event
Expenses you need to bear on your own:
  • Round-trip airfare from Nepal to Russia
  • Travel Insurance and other personal expenses

The deadline for the registration is 10th June 2017
Click here to register now!

For more information about the festival, please feel free to visit the official webiste of the festival: 

Please note that neither NASO or RCSC-Kathmandu are involved in the selection process. Registration will be taken via official website only and the selection will be done by the organising committee of the festival only.

Excited to be a part of it? Apply today!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Global Call for Support: Fund-Raising Campaign to Support Capacity Building for a Public school in Parbat!

We would like to draw your attention to support our fund-raising campaign for Bhawani Vidyapeeth Secondary School, Phalebas in Parbat district as possible. 

As we understand that when you invest money, you are always want to make sure that your money has reached to the right place for right cause, your contribution will be listed in the official website of the school. 

While the school management is struggling to manage the fund for the upgrade the education system at the school, we decided to help them reaching out to you with this a crowd-funding campaign. 

Your small support can bring big change to the educational opportunity of the kids in this village. click here to donate!

We first came in contact with this school in 2010 for the first time with the proposal of our outreach program at the school. After our meeting with Mr. Bhola Nath Sharma, social activist and chairman of School Management Committee (SMC) we decided to conduct an outreach activity at the school on November 13, 2010. After that we had several visits to the schools, donated one galileoscope (Dec 6, 2012) to encoourage secondary level students for astronomy and invited secondary level teacher/s to our Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP) in 2012 (Kathmandu), 2013 (Pokhara) and 2015 (Pokhara).

While visiting the school, we have realised that the primary section of the school needs a real boost and guidance. After several meetings with Bhola Nath Sharma in Kathmandu, we decided to support the fund raising for capacity building to build strong pre-primary and primary wings at the school as one of our education programs and Universe Awareness (UNAWE) activities in Nepal.

The fund raised will directly goes to the bank account of the school and will support capacity building program for three years.

Your small support can bring big change to the educational opportunity of the kids in this village. click here to donate!

Thank you very much for your generous support!