Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Galileoscope donated to Bhawani Vidhyapeeth, Parbat

Dec 6 - An observation program was organized in Bhawani Vidhyapeeth H.S.S., Phalewas, Parpat. During the program, students and public from Phalebas village observed Jupiter and its Galilean Moons through telescope. More than 300 observers participated in the observation program. Sudeep Neupane and Manoj Khadka from NASO along with Maya Barlev from United States facilitated the observation program.

The other day of the observation program, Maya Barlev donated her Galileoscope to Bhawani Vidhyapeeth H.S. School. Mr. Uttam Bhusal, coordinator of the science program, assured that they will organize an astronomy club in their school and use the Galileoscope in future for creating astronomical awareness in the society.

Participants observing Jupiter and its Galilean Moons

Mr Uttam Bhusal practising to focus the Galileoscope

Maya Barlev donating the Galileoscope to Bhawani Vidhyapeeth H.S.S.,Phalewas, Parbat
Maya is Thomas J. Watson fellow and visiting several countries to learn how children around the world think about the Universe. She visited several schools in Kathmandu and Pokhara talking to students of different age group during her stay in Nepal.

Photo Credit: Manoj and Maya