Sunday, March 25, 2012

International Conference on Astrophysics and Cosmology (ICAC), 19-21 March, 2012

The first International Conference on Astrophysics and Cosmology (ICAC) was organized at CEDA hall, Tribhuvan University, Nepal during March 19-21. The event has its imprints in the young mind to develop our nation through Astrophysical and Cosmological research. ICAC 2012 was a wonderful occasion to communicate with the experts, researchers and students in the field of Astrophysics and Cosmology. The total number of participants was 125 including 42 international (non-nepalese) participants. There were 3 invited talks, 10 special talks and 46 contributory talks. In addition, 27 posters were displayed in the conference. A full list of participants, title and abstracts of presentation can be found on the webpage:

The conference was opened to experts, researchers and students of Astronomy & Cosmology or related areas affiliated to Research Institutions, Universities and Colleges. The purpose of this conference was to bring together experienced as well as young scientists who are interested in working actively on various aspects of astrophysics & cosmology, to exchange their research findings and to expose young minds in the field of astrophysics & cosmology from Nepal.

The conference consisted of two main sessions: Theme session and Technical session. In the Theme session, a set of lectures were delivered from the distinguished invited professors about the current issues and research findings in their relevant field. Researchers and students had an ample opportunity to present their research findings in the Technical session.

ICAC 2012 is completed with the following recommendations:

1. The country should facilitate sufficient infrastructure to carry out research in the field of A&A.

2. Research collaboration is essential to address the unsolved issues in the field of Astrophysical and Cosmological research.

3. Exchange visit program, workshops, seminars, etc should be materializing for young graduates.

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