Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nepal Advocates Asian Contribution to the history of Astronomy in Astronomy and Civilization,Budapest,Hungary on 10th August,2009

Photo: Founder member Suresh Bhattarai with Prof. Chandra Wikramasinghe,Director of the Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology,UK and he was a student and collaborator of Sir Fred Hoyle whose joint work on the infrared spectra of interstellar grains led to developing the modern theory of panspermia.

Photo:Founder Member Suresh Bhattarai with Zoltan Toth,Bhakti Vedanta College,Budapest,Hungary.

Photo:Mr. Suresh Bhattarai,Founder Member of NASO, with Prof. Menas Kafatos,Chapman University,Orange,California, USA.

Photo:Mr. Suresh Bhattarai,Founder Member of NASO, with Prof.Subhash Kak,Oklahoma State University,USA.

Photo:Mr. Suresh Bhattarai,Founder Member of NASO, with Atilla Grandpierre of Konkoly Observatory.He was Co-chair of the Symposium.

Photo:Prof. Norman D. Cook,Kansai University,Oshaka,Japan with Triadic Insights in Astronomy,Art and Music.

Photo: Alice Mary Williamson,London with The Contribution of Musical Theory to an Ancient Chinese Concept of the Universe.

Photo:Budapest as seen from the National park at Buda Hill.River Duna is in the middle of the photo as a white line.

Photo: Konkoly Observatory which was established in 1871 A.D.

Photo:Banquet Dinner at FONO with Hungarian Dance and Music.

Photo:Prof. Stephen Wolfram explaining Computational Universe during Video Conference.

photo: Laszlo G. Puskas,Hungary, with his Nanobionts and the size limit of life.

Photo: Atilla Grandpierre,Hungary, with On the first principle of biology and its significance for the unification of natural sciences,scientific world picture,religion,art and the future of mankind.

Photo: Prof. Menas Kafatos,USA, with his Quanta and the Conscious Universe.

Photo: Prof. Paul Davies,USA,with Why is the Universe Just Right for Life?

Photo: Mr. Suresh Bhattarai,Founder member of NASO,Nepal, with The Impact of Astronomy in Nepalese Civilization.

Photo:Kalman Bela with Cathedral as Observatories: Meridianae in Italy.

Photo: Zoltan Toth,Hungary, with Interesting parallels between ancient Vedic descriptions of the universe and modern cosmological theories.

Photo:Matyas Mero,Hungary, with User's Guide to the Universe and consequences of misuse.


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures from the conference! I wish I could have been there, too... Mike Simmons

  2. suresh!You have done a great job in astronomy.sushma ghimire.