Friday, February 25, 2011

16th SET Exhibition 2011: Collaboration with Xaverians for Greater Outreach in Kathmandu!

Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) is very happy that The team of five members Suresh Bhattarai and Shekhar Phuyal (St.Xaviers Astrophysics Students), GD Pudasaini and Utsav Kandel (BSc 3rd year physics student) led by Rijendra Thapa (St. Xavier’s Astrophysics student), and supported by Nepal Astronomical society was successful in organizing another successful outreaching event,the project "Promoting Space Science Education and Astronomy in Nepal" for SET( Society, Environment and Technology) Exhibition on February 19,2011 at St. Xaviers College.About 1500 participants in total visited the stall.

The event was special as participants ranged from general public (guardians), school students, college students, university students to decision makers (principal, professors, lecturers, teachers, Judge and distinguished personality of Nepal).

• Visitors got to know on the present status on space science and astronomy in Nepal, and academic institutions, governmental and nongovernmental organizations contributing in the related field.
• Visitors knew the importance of space science technology for the overall development of the nation ,and ways how they can contribute in developing the field through formal and informal education by working individually or in group in collaboration with national and international organizations.
• About 100 video messages were recorded to be launched in the outer space in a rocket through My Universe Album project.
• Visitors observed sunspot through 8 inch Dobsonian Telescope.
• Visitors gained detail information about our life giving star sun (structure, composition, life, birth and death of the sun). Many posters on the physical data related to sun were explained.

SET is the annual event of St. Xavier's College to explore the talents/creativeness/social contribution of the students of St. Xavier's College. This year, the exhibition was held on February 19, 2011 where more than 100 projects from dozen other colleges from Kathmandu Valley participated to show case their work among the visitors.

Congratulations all the five members of the team for their grand success! We wish you all the best for such great work in coming days as well