Thursday, October 24, 2013

Solar Observation Programme at Lumbini Nepal, The Birthpace of Lord Buddha!

On October 24, Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) organized a Solar Observation Programme at Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, which is one of the World Heritage Sites in Nepal.

Photo 1: Mr. Devraj Sapkota, president of Damak Astronomy Club: Eastern Wing of Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) helping a girl to realise the beauty of the sun. The girl seems very happy which can be realsed with ther smile and pinted finger to the sky :)

During the programmes, more than 1,000 observered the Sun and the two spots on it through Solar Glasses donated by Central Maine Astronomical Society to Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO). The Observers were monks, prients, incharge of monastries, guards and the visiters to the park from different parts of Nepal and abroad.

Photo 2: Students on educational excurtion to Lumbini thrilled by the beauty of the sun with its two spot. Though their teacher refused to have their students look through the glasses, as soon as student realise the spot on the sun, their crowd coverd Mr. Prabodh  Rijal, President of ESPRO Foundation with their queries and another chance to look at the sun again :)

Photo 3:  Mr. Kishor Acharya, Programme Coordinator at NASO, guiding one of the participants of the programme to realise the spots! You can see the participant's face with full of enquiry!

Photo 4: Priests doing thei relugar jobs at Lumbini park remained thrilled when they saw ther God! When they realise the sun and the spots they workshiped with wholeheartely!
Photo 5: NASO outreach team at Lumbini (from left): Kishor Acharya-programme coordinator, Manisha Dwa-project coordinator, Prabodh Rijal-president of ESPRO Foundation, Sujan Regmi-Vice-president of Pokhara Astronomical Society(PAS): western wing of NASO, Suresh Bhattarai-founder secretary, Devraj Sapkota-President of DAC and Mahesh Thakuri-Vice president of PAS.

With the overwhelming participation of the public and requests from the concern departments at the Lumbini Park, we plan to visit them with more programme in the year 2014!

Thanks a lot for all people who helped us to make this programmea great success.

We are gearing up for one of the most exciting astronomical programme in Lumbini in 2014!