Saturday, January 4, 2014

Quadrantid Meteors Captured from Kathmandu, Nepal!

Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) organized Quadrantid Meteor Shower Observation Campaign at Pharping, an ancient city of Kathmandu Valley, nearby Dakshinkali Temple on January 3-4, 2014. A five members team from NASO performed photography session, night sky observation session and solar observation session during the campaign. 

Photo 1: Quadrantid Meteor Captured By Mr. Kishor Acharya during the Landscape Astrophotography Session on January 4, 2014 during peak hours of the shower.

We are very thankful to and  for publishing the work of Manisha Dwa as front page pictures on January 4, 2014.
Photo 3: Screenshot of the website with our work.

Photo 4: Screenshot of the website with our work.

We are also thankful to Nagarik National Nepali Daily for publsihing a news on January 5, 2014 about work work and picture of Quadrantid Meteor taken by Ms. Manisha Dwa which might be the first of its type published in Nepali National Daily till date!

We would like to thank all the team memebers for their effort to make this campaign a great success and  congratulate Ms. Manisha Dwa and Mr. Kishor Acharya for their success to capture Quadrantids in their frames!

We're continuously working hard to produce great astrophotos and will sharing with you all soon!

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