Friday, June 30, 2017

Asteroid Day Nepal 2017 remains a great success!

Toay, we had a special Asteroid Day event in association with Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) at its auditarium hall with ~200 participants!

High school students were from Himalaya Vidya Mandir Higher Secondary School and Bright Land English Higher Secondary School while the participants included officials from different professional organisations in Nepal.

Chief Guest Er. Rishi Shah, academician at NAST and patron at NASO highlighted the importance of science and technology for the development of the nation and the role that everyone living in the society has equal role to build our society for better life on earth.

Ms. Manisha Dwa, WIAN/UNAWE-Nepal and project coordinator at NASO highlighted the need of  women engagement for better science community in the country!

Then the program went through a different environment for the video and documentary show at the academic hall of NAST. The documentary covered various topics like;
  • Size of our solar system(in two different style of explanation)
  • Short video about Chelyabinsk incidence and shockwaves.
  • Brief introduction about how asteroid really had killed the dinosaurs.
  • Recreating an asteroid strike that Killed dinosaurs – a lab experiment video by NASA.
  • Impact records from 2000 to 2013 – demography on daily incidents.
After the documentary series, Mr. Suresh Bhattarai, Chairman of NASO, gave an excellent speech on "The mitigation measures during Asteroid attack, and also talked about civil defenses and future awareness programs. After the speech, we had a ten-minute break for the tea and snacks. Then considering queries form participants we had another session called Interaction program about asteroid and related areas. So, participants had Interaction with  Er.Rishi Shah, Mr. Suresh Bhattarai and Ms. Manisha Dwa. Participants from the different background raised series of queries.

Participants from 4th National Astronomy Olympiad 2017 closed camp were introduced to the audience and provided an opportunity to explore NAST and National Forensic Science Laboratory which is closed to the event venue.

The program was designated to be finished between two hours but it lasted for another one and half-hour. Our team could feel the demand of the program to be continued on but we stopped there and gave a promise to bring such program again in the future.

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