Monday, March 6, 2017

Six Asteroids Identified during first 'All-Nepal Asteroid Search Campiagn 2017'

All-Nepal Asteroid Search Campaign 2017 held during January 19 till February 18, 2017 has become one of the most successful asteroid search program in Nepal since 2012; as six asteroids have been indentified by the participants.
During the campaign, five teams were provided with necessary software, guidelines and 180 image sets taken by The Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (PanSTARRS). In the campaign, participating teams analysed nearly 108,000 moving objects! Pan-STARRS currently consists of two 1.8 meter Ritchey–Chr├ętien telescopes located at Haleakala in Hawaii, USA.
There were four teams from Kathmandu Valley and one team from Pokhara during this campaign. They comprised of students from high school to university level  as well as faculties who received hands-on experience on astronomical research for the first time!

All-Nepal Asteroid Search Campaign is our collaborative program with International Astronomical Search Campaign (IASC), USA in order to provide our students an access to the world-class data and provide an opportunity to get engaged in research activities. While global education system is moving ahead with research based practices, this program aims to encourage our students in research activities since school level in Nepal.

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