Wednesday, June 1, 2016

National Astronomy Olympiad: New Application Deadline is June 7, 2016!

Due to the large number of requests from the sudents, we have extended the application deadline till 9:00 PM, TUESDAY, JUNE 7, 2016!

For details on the program and NAO2016 Handbook, please visit:

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For Application forms, contact us:
Kathmandu Valley – Nepal Astronomical Society (01-4110344)

Biratnagar- Mr. Gopal Niraula (9842369861 or 01-4110344)
Birgunj- Mr. Milan Rai (9845409422 or 01-4110344)
Chitwan- Mr. HC Regan Babu Bhatta (9855062676 or 01-4110344)
Pokhara- Mr. Sushant Dwa (9815152177 or 061-522220 or 01-4110344)

Syllabus (Entrance exam)
The syllabus for Entrance exam of National Astronomy Olympiad (NAO) is broadly equivalent to the senior secondary level (up to Class XII) of Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) Nepal. There will be greater emphasis on physics and mathematics and elementary astronomy.

  • Mechanics: Newton’s Laws of Motion; Gravitation; Circular Motion; Rotational Motion; Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Heat and Thermodynamics: Thermodynamic Equilibrium; Ideal Gas; Energy Transfer; Black Body Radiation
  • Nuclear Physics: Atom; Hydrogen Spectrum; Nucleus and Radioactivity; X‐Rays
  • Wave and Optics: Light; Interference, Diffraction, Polarization; Microwave, Infrared, Ultraviolet, Gamma Rays, Visible Wavelength Bands; Optical Instruments; Doppler’s Effect
  • Electricity and Magnetism: Electromagnetic Theory; Magnetic Properties and Behavior
  • The Sun: Solar Structure; Sun‐Earth Relation; Solar Wind and Radiation; Eclipse
  • The Earth: Atmosphere; Longitude and Latitude; Tides; Seasons; Meteor Shower; Aurorae
  • The Solar System: Earth‐Moon System; Planets introduction
  • The Stars: Life Cycle; Neutron Star; Black Hole; Supernova; Constellation
  • Universe: Galaxy; Dark Matter; Hubble’s law
  • Space Exploration: Satellites; Human exploration and missions
  • Mathematics: 3‐D figures (Sphere, Cone, Prism, Cylinder, Cuboid, Cube); 2‐D figures (Triangle,Quadrilateral, Circle)
Note: Above mentioned sections are as per the syllabus of HSEB, students are encouraged to explore reference materials.

The National Astronomy Olympiad Program is a national educational program designed by Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) and ESPRO Foundation to encourage Nepalese students who pursue further studies in Physics, Maths, Astronomy & Space Science.

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