Saturday, October 10, 2015

Congratulations to the winners of Third National Astronomy Olympiad Logo Competition 2015!

Nepal Astronomical Society is pleased to announce the winners of 3rd National Astronomy Olympiad Logo Competition 2015 which was held during September 1-25, 2015 in Nepal. The winners will be provided cash prizes: NRs 5,000/-, NRs 1,000/- and NRs 500/- and Certificates during ceremony in Kathmandu in 2016.

Sandeep Tiwari who won the first prize expressed, "Again, today I remember those situations when people around me used to create chattering cynics about my passion and devotion. But I was a kind of guy who used to give different meaning to situations to encourage myself, I was a kind of guy who used to reward myself no matter how big the achievements were, and still I am. What I've discovered is that intimate connection and communication with my passion and devotion in the creative field of art & graphics. Thank you NASO for encouraging my creativity, I thank you so much for such a golden appreciation and I believe this appreciation will be one of the best powerful tools to wipe obstacles while working in graphics. This win have inspired me a lot. I believe NASO is creating a great platform for young artists by organizing this type of logo competition every year. Thank you!!!"

Raj Khadgi, the third winner of the competition said, "It's been a wonderful feelings to participate and winning the second runner up in the Third National Astronomy Olympiad Logo Competition 2015 organised by National Astronomical Society(NASO). I am so much thankful to NASO for providing us such a great opportunity or platform to show skill and creativeness in us. This kind of competitions help to find potentiality within us. This proves that NASO is encouraging youth not only from Astronomical field, but also encouraging youth from different field. In other words, NASO is enhancing the different pillars of the Nation. And, the certificate or encouragement that we get from the competition works as fuel in the path of our career development. Thank you, thank you NASO."

The first winning logo will be used as an official logo for Third National Astronomy Olympiad 2016 – Nepal which will be held in 2016! National Astronomical Olympiad started in Nepal since 2014. Students who are under 19 years during the competition year can participate in the program.

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