Friday, September 11, 2015

Congratulations to all selected five 'National Astronomy Olympiad Teacher' 2015!

It's been really exciting week accepting applications from different parts of Nepal for our National Call for 'Astronomy Olympiad Teacher' Training 2015. Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) evaluated all the applications and shortlisted candidates were interviewed by 'National Astronomy Olympiad Organizing Committee-Nepal'. We would like to congratulate Mr. Karan Bhatta, Mr. Gopal Niraula, Ms.Samita Malla, Mr. Bhuwan Poudel and Mr. Sabin Gautam for being 'NAO-Teacher'. NAO-Teacher will participate in the upcoming 'Astronomy Olympiad Exposure Camp, November 2-5, 2015, HBCSE, Mumbai, India.

Mr. Karan Bhatt says, "Astronomy is not a recognized course in university or high school level in Nepal. Leaning core astronomy, therefore, in itself is a rare thing; learning about teaching astronomy sounds feels like an overwhelming opportunity. The things at offer- traveling, learning (as a student and as a teacher), bonding globally- couldn’t have asked for more."

Ms. Samita Malla says, "I am very much excited to be the part of the programme as it would enable me to gain experience of trainning with the opportunities for learning and developing skills.In addition to my skills and experience as a teacher, I would bring the training to a proven level to deal successfully with more detailed information regarding the contents of the programme.I am very grateful indeed for your consideration. Thank you for selecting n providing me such a opportunities."

Mr. Gopal Niraula says, "I would like to thanks NASO for selecting me in top five candidates. I am very much excited to learn more from the exposure camp which will help us to teach students during National Astronomy Olympiad 2016 in Nepal. I will give my time and fully support for development of A&A in eastern part of Nepal."

Mr. Bhuwam Poudel says, "I am very happy to listen that am select for this training. This training will make me even stronger in the field of Science & Astronomy and it will broaden my knowledge. There was no doubt that my interest in Astronomy will raise by such training. After this training I will train the entire youngster and increase their interest in Space Science. My greatest ambition is to pursue scientific research at the highest level. Besides my own study I want to motivate youngsters towards the natural science. I believe that encouragement to youngsters to peruse space science will certainly develop Astrophysics and space science sector in Nepal. I hope my generation from Nepal will go to space. At last thank again for selecting me as right candidate to participate in this training."

Mr. Sabin Gautam says, "I feel so fortune to be part of wonderful people around the world. I hope the knowledge and experience which I will learn from this fellowship help me to make my dream become a successful astronomer. I would like to assure that, I will do my best to share my knowledge and experience from this workshop and will roll it our here in my home country."

Congratulations to all and look forward to another successful Astronomy Olympiad Year 2016 in Nepal!

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