Saturday, May 2, 2015

Crowd Funding Campaign 'Help Earthquake Survivors in Sindhupalchok'

April 25, 2015:

11:50 AM:: People were doing here and there at this Nawalpur Bazaar. Some people were busy for training and some with their regular Saturday business
11:58 AM::All the houses of this bazaar fell down expect the one standing in the middle and you can only hear people crying looking for their loved one, people looking for help inside the ruins of the houses!
Photo 1: One of the building at Nawalpur Bazaar after the great earthquake on April 25, 2015
We, Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO), saddened by the suffering of the people of Sindhupalchok which is the most affected region of Nepal due to the massive earthquake that took place place on Saturday, April 25, 2015 which collapsed more than 95 % houses over there along with highest number of death toll in Nepal. We hope by now, everyone is aware of the devastation in Nepal due to the earthquake. It's been six days since the devastation started with hundreds of aftershocks to damage remaining houses increasing number of homeless people in the district! Apart from that, the rain, bad weather, crowd of victims are acting as catalyst for the water and air borne diseases in the affected areas. Moreover, the scarcity of even the most common medicines, water purifiers and tents are worsening the situation.
Photo 2: People moving passing through the ruins of Nawalpur Bazaar to their temporary shelter.

Though thousands of houses collapsed during the quake, people relatively managed to escape to the open field to save their live. Now the question is how long they sustain in the open field under the open sky with no roof over their heads.

***Support our crowd funding campaign***

We would like to request our friends of astronomical community to support us to help these people in need.

Thank you very much for your support in advance!

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