Friday, April 11, 2014

Pralaya Sessions Yuri's Night Special available now!

Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) proudly presents "Pralaya Sessions Yuri's Night 2014 Special" , the third annual celebration on Pralaya Sessions!

Pralaya sessions with DJ Prakrity is a weekly uplifting electronic music radio show, a production, and an official fundraiser for Hoste Hainse, a Kathmandu-based non-profit NGO, which supports the education of underprivileged children in Nepal. Pralaya Sessions is now available at as well!!!

For direct listen link:

Pralaya Sessions is now available as a free podcast on itunes... search for us and subscribe!

You can consider signing up for our $2-a-month drive all major credit cards accepted, and once you sign up, it will bill your credit card $2 every month. $2 a month may not be much for you, but that's $24 a year, and with 3 such recurring donations we will have collected $72 a year, which educates an underprivileged child for an entire year. So, please sign up and get 2 more friends to sign up! thank you!

Wish you all a happy Yuri's Night 2014!

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