Thursday, May 24, 2012


What is a transit of Venus?
When Venus passes directly between earth and the sun, we see the distant planet as a small dot gliding slowly across the face of the sun. Historically, this rare alignment is how we measured the size of our solar system.

When is it?

The next transit of Venus occurs June 5 or 6, 2012, depending on your location. This will be the last transit of Venus to occur in your lifetime.


You can observe ToV from south asia on June 6.

Safely See the Transit

Important: protect your eyes from the sun.

There are many ways to observe Transit of Venus. Some of the easy ways are:

1. Rear Projection Screen

2. Solar Filtered Telescope

3. Disposable "Eclipse Shades"

4. Live telecast from TV

5. Meet observing team nearby your town

The safest and enjoyable way to observe ToV2012 is to join the nearby observing group.

Observation program in Nepal

Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) (along with GHOU-Nepal, other amateur groups and schools) is preparing for ToV observation program in various places in Kathmandu and outside kathmandu on June 6. For the latest update from NASO, keep visiting our blog and our facebook group page.!/groups/196305183827/

For more information about ToV2012:

For more information on safe solar observation:

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