Thursday, October 20, 2011

Astronomical Tour to Chitwan, Makawanpur and Sarlahi 2011

October Second week remained busy for NASO doing astronomy outreach in three different districts, named Chitwan, Makawanpur and Sarlahi of Nepal for astronomical outreach. The team carried it's 8 inch Dobsonian to the places and talked about astronomy and did some observation whenever weather remained cleared!

In the evening of October 16, some night sky observation and light pollution estimation has been done from Sauraha, Chitwan. During the observation, we observed Jupiter, Moon and the some of the prominent constellations visible at that time. The night remained partly cloudy and we played Hide and Seek with them for our observation.

The next day, October 17, we did some night sky observation from Hotel Avocado, Hetauda where NAAM executives joined from from Birgunj. Though the weather played foul to us, the discussions remained unforgettable. Milan Rai, president-Nepali Association for Astronomical Mission (NAAM) expressed, " I have never thought that I could meet Rishi Shah, academician-Nepal academy of Science and Technology (NAST) and president-NASO, who has been doing astronomy for last 25 years in Nepal. It's like a dream for me that I am talking to the person whom are are reading for about a decade in the Rising Nepal and taken as a source of our inspiration for our astronomical work in Birgunj." Mr. Bibek and Prakash from NAAM were there with us for the observation and discussion on Astronomy Olympiad that we are planning for 2012!

Then we went to the School run by Hoste Haise in Sarlahi to have some interaction with school students and with their parents. Though we planned for Solar Observation from the place, we could not do that as the road was damaged by the flood and our vehicle could not go to the other side. We used motorbikes to reach the school and spend some time with the people there and talk about astronomy.

That evening we drive back to Hetauda and enjoy the night sky as we got info Hetauda remained cleared that that while we were in Sarlahi. This night remained most successful nights in terms of observation as we got an opportunity to explore the beauty of the sky over Hetauda which we failed to do last night!

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Clear skies to all of you :-)

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