Monday, September 21, 2009

Star Peace Event on September 21 remains successful in Nepal!

Nepal Astronomical Society(NASO) in association with Takhshashila Academy organized a star party to observe Jupiter and its Moon this evening at Takshashila Academy,Bishalnagar,Kathmandu.The start party started at 17:30 Hrs NST with the introduction of Jupiter and its Moon and Star Peace Project.Mr. Suresh Bhattarai, Star Peace Ambassador for Nepal said the Avenues Television,"Today's Star party is tribute to the Galileo for the verification of Heliocentric Theory of our Solar System proposed my Nicolas Copernicus.We want to show people that we can spread Peace through astronomy in Nepal and in the world"

Mr. Sudeep Neupane,Founder member of NASO and Event Manager of the today's Star Peace Event told the journalists that NASO is creating astronomical awareness in Nepal through different outreach and today's event was one of our regular event for celebration of IYA2009 in Nepal.

Photo:Wonderful view of sunset as seen from Takshasila Academy ,the venue of Star Peace Event.

Photo:GD Pudasaini,from left:Director and Producer of First Astronomical Documentary setting up telescope for observing moon , and participants observing moon through telescopes.

Photo:Rijendra Thapa,founder member of Nepal Astronomical Society,helping kids in observing moon.

Photo:Attempt for landscape astrophotography> The Moon captured in camera as viewed through telescope.

Photo:Enjoying the fun of viewing spectacular view of moon through binocular

During the event,Mr. Bharat Aryal,Principal of Takshashila Academy told that astronomy is important for the school students as it stimulates their quest for knowledge.He also promised to organized such event in future with greater involvement of the school students.Mr. Ayral is now Local Contact for Galilean Nights (GN2009) for Nepal.

During the star party Jupiter played Hide and seek to the clouds which made the participants disappointed for a while.Nonetheless everyone enjoyed the Jupiter through Three different telescopes and one binoculars.

You can watch the report on this event on Avenues TV tonight at 21:00 Hrs.So don't miss it!

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