Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reason’s poser for great minds

Reason Karki, a student of Biratngar based Budhanilkantha Secondary School, who appeared for the SLC exam this year, is going to take part International Space Development Conference (ISDC) slated for May 28 in Florida of the USA.
Karki has registered his name in National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Wednesday claiming that he could prove that the Law of Gravity propounded by Sir Isaac Newton and the Principle of Space Time Curvature propounded by Albert Einstein were false. He submitted 200 US dollars to get his name registered. He claimed that he has developed mathematical formulas to prove that two principles were incomplete and false. “As I informed the NASA about my formulas, my name has been selected to prove my assertions,” Karki said.
Karki’s parents who belong to a middle class family said they would bear all the expenses to send their son to attend the conference. Karki informed that the total expenditure for his trip would come around Rs 6, 00,000. He said he would need a laptop for presentation in the conference. He has urged the government to assist him in taking part in the conference.
Reason was born in July 13, 1992 in Bhojpur, a hilly district in the eastern Nepal. He acquired education up to grade VI in Bhojpur based Saraswoti Lower Secondary School, a government school. He was later admitted to Budhanilkantha School. Reason said he faced difficulties learning as English was used as the language of instruction. He says, “I started studying books and magazines related to Science and watch TV channels including the Discovery and the History when I was studying in Grade VIII.”
Reason’s mother Mina said, “My son used to watch TV alone in the night.”
His father Raj Kumar said, “I was surprised when the school made public his findings in a press conference,” adding, “We are ready to do anything to help him accomplish his goals.”

Source:The Himalayan Times,English National Daily,April 25,2009


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