Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Comet Lulin got captured in Binaculars and telescope in Nepal

The star party was great sucess yesterday.More than 60 persons came to observe comet Lulin to the observing site."The timing was odd but we still got sufficient participants and we had great conversations between them" said Sudeep Neupane, founder member of Nepal Astronomical Soceity(NASO).

President Rishi Shah,who is also Academician of NAST,solved different questions arose among the participants.
Nepal Astronomical Society(NASO) organized a star party to observe Comet Lulin at Nepal Academy of Science and Technology(NAST),Khumaltar during 18:00-21:30 hrs on February 24,2009.
Though we have announced the observation time,we extented the observation to address the questions of huge participation and to let all people observe the Comet Lulin through our Binoculars and Telescope.
The Kathmandu Post,National English Daily published a news on Comet Lulin on its front page interviewing our president Rishi Shah on February 24.People came to observe the Comet Lulin.

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